We helped Asma find a job she loves, after she was made redundant

Asma Begum came across Aspire Recruitment through her job search on Indeed, having previously not heard of us. Together, we helped Asma make her way into a job that she loved and was entirely new to her skillset!

Asma is 43, and previously to meeting Aspire Recruitment, had two other long-term jobs- she worked for the council for 14 years, and then in a warehouse for 7 years, before being made redundant. She told us that her main priority was to have a job, and that she was open minded and willing to try different kinds of work. She told us:

“After being made redundant, I was keen to get back to into work as soon as possible and was grateful that I was taken on by Aspire Recruitment to work at the Etihad Mass Vaccination centre. I didn’t have a particular career in mind which I want to pursue, and my main focus was to have a permanent job which I enjoy.”

Since working with us at the Etihad Mass Vaccination centre, Asma has had some success and now has another role working with the Tameside and Glossop Integrated Care centre- which has really improved her confidence, and her future is looking bright. Asma had a few things she wanted to say about her experience:

“My experience with Aspire has always been good. Freya and Will are the main people I have had contact with and they are always helpful. I have experienced good treatment from everyone working there. I would absolutely recommend anyone to sign up with Aspire Recruitment- another good thing I’d like to mention is that wages are always paid on time, and I have had no problems with any of my wages. A big shout has to go to Freya. She is such a nice person and has been so helpful.”

If you, like Asma, are looking for roles that suit you that you might not have considered previously, our friendly team is on hand to help you find work. We see each and every candidate as an individual professional, and we work hard to find you work that matters.

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