International Women's Day 2022: Rebecca Pollitt's Success

To celebrate International Women’s Day 2022, we speak to Rebecca Pollitt from Manchester who not only successfully applied for a role through Aspire Recruitment but has now secured a promotion.

Rebecca applied for an Employment Coach role through Aspire Recruitment having not had an interview for a role in over two years. Aspire were on hand to help her prepare her for the interview and generally improve her confidence.

Rebecca successfully applied for an Employment Coach role with JETs, a service designed to support young people back into work.

Once she was in the role, she commented that Aspire Recruitment’s support continued consistently across her career, and about how her advisor, Frank Kinrade, continued to help:

“The team are great and always on hand for a call if you need it. The process was really smooth and quick. I’ve never used a recruitment agency before and was recommended by a friend. Frank (Kinrade) was so quick to get in touch with me after applying and went into so much detail about interview preparation and additional support. He kept me up to date with the process and even when he was on annual leave had a colleague to update me. He has continued to check in since I started and he made sure I was settled on my first day with a teams call. This was great as starting a job remotely can be somewhat daunting!”

Rebecca has even more to celebrate following a recent promotion and she tells us more about why she is supporting International Women’s Day this year. “Although I have not personally experienced gender bias in the workplace, I am very aware that it goes on. I have worked with customers 1-1 who have experienced it and it has affected their confidence as a result.. This is something that we must continue to talk about and be wary of in the workplace and outside of work in order for changes to be made.”

Following this, we asked her what International Women’s Day meant to her, and she replied:

“I feel International Women's Day is for women and men – everyone is welcome. The day is about gender equality, and to achieve that we must elevate women and share our experiences in the world of work and our personal lives, to support each other and celebrate our successes! I’m looking forward to seeing different stories from throughout the Growth Company.”

Frank Kinrade, Recruitment and Placement Consultant at Aspire Recruitment commented; “I have been really impressed with Rebecca’s self-motivation, not only have I heard great things from her manager I regularly see updates on LinkedIn which is great to see in a candidate I have worked with and is so passionate about her job.

“I recently heard she was promoted, which I am really impressed with and proud to have been able help her secure her career. Well done Rebecca!”


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