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Aspire help Peter back to work after year off

Monday, October 22, 2018

Previously Peter had experience working in the Job Centre and Work Programme providers, including A4E, Seetec, Cheshire Training TNG and The Skills Company.  

He recently started to look for work again after taking a year out due to personal reasons. He was looking for around two months before applying for a position through Direct Gov and was called shortly after by Aspire.  

Peter was called into our offices for an induction and met with Annalee to go through the application and interview process. He described Annalee as “perfectly nice, courteous and professional. We spoke openly about the whole process and she offered me 100% support.”

After being supported and guided through the process, he was offered a position as a Learning Mentor for The Growth Company and is very happy in his role. He said, “I feel great, I have a superb team around me, a supportive Manager in Dan Maley and enjoy it here.”

Peter talked of a very positive experience with Aspire and when describing our services, he said “It does what it says on the tin. I am very glad Annalee saw fit to invest some time in me and put me forward to the jobs she did.”

If you are actively looking for work or are looking to recruit, why not register with Aspire today? We can help many others like Peter and introduce you to opportunities you may not find in your average job search. Alternatively as an employer, we can put the right candidates in front of you, who are willing and ready for their next step in employment. 

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