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Palvisha lands her dream job!

Sunday, September 16, 2018

Palvisha had previously worked in sales, marketing and project management but left due to the extensive travel involved. She spent nearly 3 months unemployed whilst constantly looking for work.

Palvisha really enjoyed working and felt personally invested in the sectors she had been placed in. She felt she was bettering herself, as well as making a notable difference. When unemployed, she felt unproductive and unmotivated.

She came across a role advertised by Aspire online and called directly on the number listed on the advert. She spoke with Beth, one of our recruiters who called her back instantly and invited her in the next day to discuss her CV, vacancies available and to register with us.

Palvisha said Beth made her feel ‘so comfortable and at ease on the phone, I felt really good about this’

When we asked Palvisha about her experience meeting with us, here is what she had to say ‘Upon visiting Aspire Recruitment, I met Beth, who took me over to the office and led me towards some very spacious couches. She was extremely friendly, comforting, and even offered to get me a coffee when I mentioned I skipped mine that day! She also introduced me to her colleague Lydia, who was as lovely and friendly as Beth- they both made me feel super welcomed and walked me through what Aspire Recruitment involved. I was considerably impressed that the company had such an altruistic nature to it, and I was so pleased to see that reflected in the people who worked there. Beth and Lydia both asked me to walk through my employment history and skills with them, and off the back of that, made suggestions on roles they were advertising which would be suitable for me. They did a great job of explaining each role and ensuring I had a clear idea of what the roles entailed. They answered every question I had perfectly, and they were patient with all the questions too! Not to mention, they were so sweet and complimentary throughout this conversation- they seemed to have so much belief in me, it was such a nice feeling to have.

We are delighted to announce, we successfully placed Palvisha in a role and she is now in her ‘dream job’ as a Media Sales Executive at a publishing company.

Palvisha has informed us she is ecstatic and was quoted saying ‘Not only have I gotten one of the best roles I have ever come across, but the entire process of acquiring the role has filled me with such confidence. On one hand, I have the team at Aspire constantly giving me a boost, supporting me, helping me and giving me tips whenever they can and on the other, the employers have made me feel like I’m valued by them. I strongly feel the help Beth and Lydia and the rest of the team have given me in securing the role, as well as the kind words Beth has said about me to the employers, have had a strong role in this.’

We are so happy Palvisha has found a role she truly loves and well done to the team for a providing such an excellent service.