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Candidate makes his mark at Thomas Kneale

Sunday, September 16, 2018

Mark, 20 from Middleton had worked in retail for three years before applying to attend University in the hope that it would increase his prospects. After leaving his job to start his course, it became clear that this wasn’t going to suit him long term and Mark made the decision to leave University.

Unfortunately, when Mark approached his previous employer, they had already filled his role and were unable to offer him anything and he found himself unemployed.

Mark approached Aspire and made us aware of his predicament. He heard that we are an ethical agency that predominantly aims to provide assistance to the people of Manchester when they are seeking employment.

During this period, we were working with Thomas Kneale Limited. They are loyal customer of Aspire and have recruited from us before. As they are based in the city centre and operate out of offices and a warehouse, they are an ideal match for skill sets that some of our candidates offer.

We called and explained that we had an excellent candidate for them to see and that although he didn’t have the exact requirements for the role, that he would be a loyal, committed staff member and eager to learn the required skills.

The interview took place and because of an honest conversation where Mark explained that he had taken the course to better himself, he was offered a three month temporary assignment with Thomas Kneale Limited later that day.

During the last week of the assignment, we were contacted by Andrew, the Operations Director at Thomas Kneale and he informed us that he was so impressed with Mark that he would like to take him on permanently.

Andrew said “Character wise, Mark is a great fit with the existing team, I’m delighted with him”

Mark commented that it was a long-term opportunity with clear career progression and the chance to contribute to the team. Everybody had made him feel welcome.

Congratulations to everybody involved in this successful outcome.