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John’s persistence pays off with Aspire Recruitment’s help

Tuesday, February 9, 2021

“I’ve gone through self-employment, employment, furlough, redundancy then re-employment so I guess I have a story to tell.”: John’s persistence pays off with Aspire Recruitment’s help

After two decades of owning his own recruitment company working across Deeside, Knutsford, Bramhall and Stockport, John made the decision to sell up and move into employment and welfare in 2016. Bad luck found him there, with funding cuts, company liquidation and Covid-19 leaving John facing redundancy three times in four years.

After his previous company closed in the first national lockdown, John was first furloughed and then sadly made redundant. This left him out of work from April through to November, the first spell of unemployment he’d had in his adult life.

With a decrease in available roles due to the Covid-19 pandemic, John struggled to find roles that suited his experience, until an ex-colleague let him know that there were jobs being advertised at the Growth Company. John knew of the Growth Company through his previous experience in employment and training and quickly applied for several open roles.

One of the roles John was interested in was being offered by Aspire Recruitment, and after expressing interest he was put in touch with consultant Frank Kinrade.

“The support from Frank was brilliant – we spent time going through the role and application process verbally and via email, and I was really pleased to be offered advice on modern interview skills.”

John was lacking confidence in his interview skills and felt he could do with support to ensure he was up to date on virtual interviews and what they entail. Frank supported him with understanding the realistic structure of virtual interviews, and John believes this helped him secure the position.

“Owning my own recruitment company, I’ve met and employed a lot of recruiters in my time, and Frank is one of the best.”

John was also impressed with the interview process itself, including the speed and quality of response. Other jobs he’d applied for during the pandemic he still hasn’t heard back from, and this professionalism made him even more keen to work with the Growth Company and Aspire Recruitment.

“Applying for jobs is a numbers game – I applied for 6 roles at The Growth Company and was offered 4 of them – so keep at it. Get a job you want, and you’ll be the happiest person alive.”

If you are currently looking for work, a change in career, or are an employer looking to recruit, please get in touch with Aspire Recruitment today – we’re here to help!