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Elise praises Aspire for getting her back into a stable job

Friday, January 18, 2019

Elise Waterhouse, from Stockport, had worked in customer service for 10 years. During that time, she switched roles so that she could gain experience in workforce coordination and team support.

Her most recent position was three-and-a-half years with St John’s Ambulance, but a restructure within the organisation left Elise’s department at risk. Understandably, she decided that she didn’t want to work in an unstable, uncertain environment, so she began the painstaking task of looking for another job.

Elise uploaded her CV online, which was spotted by Bethan from the Aspire team. Bethan thought Elise would be a good match for some of the Team Support Coordinator roles which she was advertising for, so she gave her a call to discuss further.

Taking the stress out of job-hunting

Although Elise hadn’t heard of Aspire prior to Bethan’s call, she liked the sound of the roles and found it ‘refreshing’ that she had been contacted about positions that would encourage her to develop her skills and grow as a person. Elise then met with Bethan face-to-face for a more in-depth talk about her employment history and her suitability for the roles.

She decided that she wanted to apply for them, but she was going on holiday and was worried this may hamper her chances of being successful. However, this wasn’t the case at all, as Bethan stayed in touch whilst she was away to keep her updated on her applications and let her know if she had been invited for any interviews.

Elise was offered an interview for one of the roles, and Bethan had identified another new opportunity which would also be well-suited to Elise’s skillset. To make life easier for Elise, Bethan arranged for her to have interviews for both of the roles – one with Access 2 Finance and one with Made Smarter - on the same day.

Prior to her interviews, Bethan sent Elise information sheets and links so that she could prepare thoroughly, and assured her that she could contact her if she had any questions or needed any further support. It was helpful touches like these which really impressed Elise.

A perfect match

Speaking of her experience with Aspire, Elise said: “I didn’t register with any other recruitment agencies, but I was in contact with many others. I found Aspire to be more professional and helpful than other agencies. The roles that Bethan discussed with me were very suitable to my experience and goals, whereas others that had contacted me pushed very unsuitable positions on me. Aspire were very supportive, and I felt that I was genuinely a perfect match rather than just a number against a target.”

We’re very pleased to say that Elise was successful in her interview for the Made Smarter role, and Bethan’s colleague Lydia called her to offer her the job later that day – something which Elise said ‘relieved any stress or worry’.

Elise added: “The whole process was simple. I didn’t identify any challenges, but I’m sure the team would have been a superb place of support if I had. I was interested and at ease the entire time, knowing that Bethan and Lydia would support me in any way they could. I knew that if I wasn’t suitable for the original positions, they would have stayed in touch with anything else suitable. I enjoyed not feeling like a target or number to achieve.”

So what would Elise’s advice be to job-seekers who are looking for a recruitment agency to represent them? “Use Aspire. The team are great and give you an advantage in the job search as they find great matches and offer excellent support throughout the process.”
Well done Elise! We’re looking forward to seeing you thrive in your role with the Made Smarter team.