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Aspire’s ‘honest and realistic’ approach helps graduate turn his fortunes around

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Having completed a Masters in Psychology at Plymouth University, 23-year-old Chris Mack struggled to find his first job after being unemployed for 5 months he felt that he was drifting. “Being unemployed isn’t a nice feeling,” he explains. “It’s stressful, you don’t have a schedule and you’re constantly thinking about your financial situation.”

Determined to change this, Chris sought after potential opportunities in Manchester and applied for a job as a learning mentor at GC Employment in Manchester. The job was being advertised by Aspire Recruitment, which is part of The GC group of non for-profit companies. 

After applying for the job, Chris was contacted by Lydia Howbrook (Recruitment and Placement Consultant) at Aspire.

“Having applied for many jobs, it’s very rare to receive a call or an email from either the recruiter or the employer,” continues Chris.

“Lydia was fair, honest and realistic about my skills; it was exactly the type of feedback I needed to hear,” he says. “I could tell that this wasn't just a case of putting someone forward in the hope that they would fit into a position but instead Lydia really tried to find a role that I was suited to.”

“Honesty is very important in what we do,” explains Lydia. “I looked at Chris’s experience and the job he was applying for and we both quickly agreed it wasn’t the best first step into this area of work for him. Chris had huge potential but this was probably too much too soon.”

Lydia continued to work with Chris and he soon successfully secured a job within the Growth Company, working as a researcher on a project to help promote apprenticeships to businesses around Greater Manchester.

As his expericne and confidence grew, Lydia helped Chris to apply for other jobs within the group, and he has now started a new role as schools and engagement officer, this time taking the message about apprenticeships into schools.

“Without Aspire I wouldn’t have even considered looking at this sector for work,” says Chris.

“What I really liked about Aspire was that  as a recruitment service, they take into account the person. That may sound an obvious but in my experience, it’s not always the case.

“From that first phone call, which immediately sets you up as a person instead of an application number or just a name on a CV, to being realistic about my skills and experience, Aspire has made an incredible difference to my personal development. They’ve certainly gone above and beyond what you’d expect of a recruitment agency.”