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Top 10 Tips For Writing A Good CV

Monday, October 6, 2014

Found the job you want and thinking of putting in your application? Make sure your CV doesn't end up on the rejects pile within ten seconds by following our top 10 tips...

  1. Keep it neat – Avoid using multiple fonts / sizes and colours
  2. Keep it brief – We don’t want to be reading ‘War and Peace’; Stick to the facts.
  3. Keep it professional – an email says a lot about you; doesn’t sound as professional as
  4. Focus on you - We want to read your achievements, not your job description; Most people could tell you what a phone sales person does, but not many people could tell you achievements you could earn.
  5. Sell yourself fast – If you can grab our attention within the first page we are likely to continue reading. If we are nearly asleep we aren’t going to want to finish reading the rest.
  6. Keep it relevant – always aim your CV at your chosen audience. If you have experience in hospitality but are going for a sales role, talking about how good you can make a Mojito isn’t going to help your cause.
  7. Notice the errors of your ways – we WILL look for mistakes. If you can’t even be bothered reading through your CV; how do we know you can be bothered to work?
  8. Fill in the gaps – Don’t leave years of your life off your CV. We are a sceptical bunch in recruitment and will get suspicious. Did you do a course, volunteer or care for someone? Make sure you shout about it.
  9. Use facts and figures – ‘You increased sales’ doesn’t sound as good as ‘you increased sales by 70%.’
  10. Keep it real – Although we love our facts and figures, we will check them so don’t try to dazzle us with numbers if they aren’t real.

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