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Liliana Malek - Case Study

Monday, November 2, 2015

Liliana Malek from Openshaw in Manchester had been unemployed for around six months and was getting increasingly frustrated about the fact that she was getting interviews, but wasn’t able to secure a permanent job.  A friend of hers told her about Aspire Recruitment, so 25 year old Liliana registered with Aspire, and met with Training Recruitment and Placement Consultant Jamie Meredith. 

Liliana said:  “Jamie was very friendly and we went through the registration form together.  He made me feel very relaxed and we discussed my CV in some detail.  He asked me a lot more questions than other agencies had, and I felt like he was really getting to know about me and my personality.”

“He told me about a position as a finance assistant at University of Manchester.  He knew exactly what kind of position I was looking for and made sure that I was fully prepared for the interview process, which helped me to get the position.”

“After having difficulty finding work previously, I feel great now that my situation is sorted.  Jamie provided me with numerous possibilities that were relevant to me.  He took the time to listen to me and was actually interested in where I wanted to go in my career, where other agencies just tried to push me into positions that suited them but not me.”