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Josh Hurry - Case Study

Monday, November 2, 2015

After leaving university, Josh Hurry from Withington was looking for a job in marketing, but without success. He took a job as a labourer in the construction industry to pay the bills until he could find the kind of job he was really looking for. Eventually, Josh saw a temporary vacancy at the University of Manchester with a higher salary than he was currently earning, and successfully applied for the post.

Josh was hoping that even though it was a temporary post, it would put him in a position where he would be able to find out about other permanent jobs that were more in line with his long term aspirations. When his temporary assignment was coming to an end, Josh saw another temp opportunity in the Accommodation Office at the University which was advertised through Aspire. 

Josh contacted Lewis from the Aspire team, and Lewis ensured that all the necessary paperwork was completed and that Josh had all the details of the position. Lewis kept in touch with Josh throughout the process and ensured that the whole thing went smoothly. After finishing at the Accommodation Office, Josh was contacted again by Lewis for another administrative role in the University that he had previously done. After speaking to the manager and Lewis, Josh started in this role. He is hoping to gain a permanent contract, but also applying for external marketing jobs whilst he’s working at the University.

Josh said: “I really didn’t want to be unemployed, so the temporary positions have been great for me. It becomes a vicious cycle the longer it goes on, I would rather volunteer somewhere than be unemployed, as having gaps in your employment history doesn’t look good on job applications unless it’s for a genuine reason.”

“The staff at Aspire were very friendly and approachable, which gave me a lot of reassurance. I feel much more secure in my job now, and better for getting out of the construction industry and on track to the career I wanted after University. Aspire is a great temping agency, the staff are efficient, friendly and approachable and put you at ease with all the information and detail that they give to you.”