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The gender imbalance in STEM

Women and girls in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) are creators, entrepreneurs, innovators and leaders. They’re tackling some of the most pressing global challenges head-on, but, across the field, their participation remains relatively low. We’ll be looking at why this is the case, and what employers can do about it.

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New career for a new year

The clock striking midnight on New Year’s Eve marks a fresh start for most of us and signals the time for change that we’ll make in the year ahead. This could mean many things, but for some of us, this means a change in workplace, career or industry.
What is the best way to pursue a career change and how can you beat the competition in an increasingly competitive job market? We look at the steps you need to take…

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Enhancing candidate experience

Hiring the right person for the job can make an enormous difference to the success of an organisation. Yet a startling number of employers are incredibly un-rigorous when it comes to interviewing. In order to retain applicants through the hiring process, organisations need to improve the candidate journey from initial contact to onboarding. A positive experience often leads to the candidate accepting a job offer and/or reapplying in the future, as well as referring their friends and family.

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