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Enhancing candidate experience

Hiring the right person for the job can make an enormous difference to the success of an organisation. Yet a startling number of employers are incredibly un-rigorous when it comes to interviewing. In order to retain applicants through the hiring process, organisations need to improve the candidate journey from initial contact to onboarding. A positive experience often leads to the candidate accepting a job offer and/or reapplying in the future, as well as referring their friends and family.

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Aspire's Most Inspirating Team Leader: Annalee Wood

Marking the importance of leaders in achieving excellence, Annalee Wood’s great work and leadership have recently been rewarded with her win of the Recruiter’s Investing in Talent award in the Most Inspiriting Team Leader category.

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The candidate experience with Aspire

Beverly’s story gives us an interesting perspective on temporary contracts, which she believes have helped her to gain varied skills, discover new interests and keep her working life diverse and exciting.

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