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Meet the Team - Neesha Patel

Neesha Patel, NCS Recruitment Manager at Aspire Recruitment, has recently taken on the role of Religion Network Lead as part of the Growth Company’s commitment to equality, diversity, and inclusion. She’s passionate about ensuring fair treatment and opportunity for all in the recruitment process.

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How to attract and hire diverse candidates

Workplace equality, diversity and inclusion is an increasing area of focus for many organisations, including Aspire Recruitment. Studies have shown that a diverse workforce can improve a businesses’ bottom line, lead to happier and more productive teams and drive innovation in the workplace. We have some ideas for ways to proactively widen your talent pool by making your hiring process more inclusive and diverse.

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A fresh start: how Rebecca changed careers with the help of Aspire Recruitment

With a background in education recruitment and tuition, Rebecca knew she was ready for a change in career when she registered with Aspire Recruitment. The COVID-19 pandemic has meant that the like many others, the recruitment sector is facing difficult times, and Rebecca was concerned about her job stability. Working with Aspire Recruitment enabled Rebecca to make a fresh start in a career where she really feels she is making a difference.

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John’s persistence pays off with Aspire Recruitment’s help

“I’ve gone through self-employment, employment, furlough, redundancy then re-employment so I guess I have a story to tell.”

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