Cynthia's journey towards owning her own business

Cynthia Timiebi Esiburu is a MSc Management Student at Manchester Metropolitan University. She aspires to own a successful business, as well as acquiring more skills for her future career. As part of her studies, she is required to undertake a one-year placement in an organisation, and Aspire Recruitment was there to help her pick the right one.


Aspire Recruitment secures 1,143 roles for people across Greater Manchester.

Over the years, Aspire Recruitment has proudly filled many vacancies across Greater Manchester, with skilled individuals just like you. This Employability Day 2022, we’re reflecting on the work we’ve done over the past year, and celebrating our fantastic team, who have achieved 1,143 temporary and permanent work placements.

Chi Wah Li's Job Success with Aspire Recruitment

Chi Wah Li, 61, arrived in the UK having lived in Hong Kong and worked in Hong Kong her adult life. Like many people coming to the UK, finding employment is high on their priority list, which is why she approached Aspire Recruitment to assist.

We helped Asma find a job she loves, after she was made redundant

Asma Begum came across Aspire Recruitment through her job search on Indeed, having previously not heard of us. Together, we helped Asma make her way into a job that she loved and was entirely new to her skillset!

We helped Angel find work- her first job in the UK!

Angel Wong moved to the UK and wasn’t sure where she was going to find her first role. In her initial job searches, she heard about Aspire Recruitment. Thanks to Aspire Recruitment, she managed to get her first ever job in the UK.

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